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Intuitive Object / Description /


I/O Intuitive/Object is an interactive sound and light sculpture, combining discarded technology and visitor interaction with the anamorphic form
of the Jellyfish. As a single beautiful creature it is delicate and formless.
In recent years however the Jellyfish has proliferated due to a slight temperature increase in the ocean. A once elegant life form has become monstrous through excessive reproduction. In tandem, our production of new technological gadgets and the fetish for seductive designs has become the defining factor for our everyday interactions and culture.


Our installation I/O Intuitive/Object is an experiential interactive work that engages the visitor to negotiate and exchange with an artificial intelligence. The visitor will enter to find four jellyfish forms of glowing light, each
one made of transparent classic telephones and hybrid animal features
of silicon, acrylic and electronics. With the use of programmed micro controllers, the visitor may engage with the Jellyfish forms through speech and the tactile experience of play through buttons, touch screens and voice interaction. The visitors initiates this sequence which will eventually
be out of their control. The creatures will then carry out a chain reaction through their own parallel reality and ecosystem. Among the 4 jellyfish,
each have independent functions that contribute to this chain of events.


Jellyfish 1 is the input control. It rings when the visitor triggers its sensor, inviting us to pick up the receiver and initiate a series of data feedback such as breaking down your voice signature into light frequencies. Jellyfish 2 contains a tube clock, revealing cryptic transmissions initiated by the buttons of the previous Jellyfish.  Jellyfish 3 contains a small screen with video triggered by the previous interaction. The visitor can alter the video’s content with their touch. The 4th & final Jellyfish will print all of the recorded data, the DNA of your experience, to a long form sheet of receipt paper,
an excessive appendage growing and piling on the gallery floor. Like our actions determine the course of the world which we cannot turn back, these creatures will carry this out for the visitor on a personal level.

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