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I/O Intuitive/Object by MMYR is at the intersection of ideas and digital culture. It is an experience which enables interactive concepts through creatures
that are the expression of bio-digital symbiosis. Part riddle, part commentary and part experience, I/O plays with meaning in digital information. The visitor’s intuition decides and deciphers language expressed beyond the normal boundaries of their species through exercises in experimental communication. This encounter is allowing us to mirror our own cybernetic reality and contemplate our daily digital activities in the form of a language expressing itself through a new interface. While many focus on the dystopian nature between humans and technology, I/O’s focus is the active collaboration between the two. From the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the epicenters
of innovation and tech-centric culture, we evolve in new iterations of our selves in the amphibian stages of our emerging bio-digital life. Whether we like it or nor not we are becoming these creatures. I/O is the beauty and the monster mirrored back to us in its physical form.

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